Business Consultant


Top 5 things to look for when choosing a business consultant

Having a bad experience with a business consultant that was costly and produced no meaningful results is devastating. Coupled with a sense of a lack of implement support for your busy work environment can lead to feeling that there is nothing available to move the business forward.

Here is the good news

There are many excellent consultants who provide a quality service.

Here are my top 5 things to look for when choosing a business consultant partner:

Know your why- what are the 3 top reasons you have for wanting to work with a consultant. It sounds easy, but clarity around this will make your discussion and the ability to get a service you want and need much easier.

What is the start and end point of this project or initiative? Project creep happens so quickly, it also dilutes your potential for achieving the goals you set.

Recognise your time availability to be involved. Being a leader in project or initiative can be time consuming and if you are struggling with time poverty this will need to be taken into consideration. Do you have a person you can delegate to? Be aware that during any change.

Who else will be involved? What other people in your business will you require to do their job differently when the project becomes embedded? If its more than 50%, have you the resources to support this?

Discuss all of this with several potential consultants. See who you have chemistry with, what the quality of discussion and support when implementing with will be provided and who can give you contacts that they have worked with to you get another viewpoint.

Remember that there are plenty of consultants with expertise and knowledge that will provide the service you require to achieve your goals and that a bit of research will provide you with information to get what you need.

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