Effective leadership Coach



Leadership coach

Effective- successful in producing a desired or intended result.

Leadership- the action of leading a group of people or an organisation.

Ultimately leadership is what happens when you, the leader, are not in the room. There can be so much talk, it’s easy to get lost in some of the jargon and buzz words that are used. It not about what is written, rather about how you show up and interact with those around you. There are certain things that are consistent within the term and the ultimate is be seen as an effective leader by those who you have or are leading.

It’s the footprints in the sand that are the legacy after you have left in the room or the business.
There are so many different viewpoints on what it is and each leader is unique. However, there are some common threads and here are some areas to focus on improving your skills:


When everyone in the business is clear on what the goals, objectives and priorities are, effective decision making can occur across the whole business. Effective communication of a shared endeavour is the key to unlocking the business potential.

What can I do? – Be clear on the goals of the business including timelines? If you ask people what the main goal is and they don’t answer with the correct answer in 2/3 words you need to do more to get this across.


This is a two-way street. Honestly, transparency as well as telling the truth become the currency of getting things done effectively. Therefore, issues become known and problem solving is a skill of the whole business.

What can I do? Think about what trust looks like for you. Do you role model trust? If you are not sure then ask those who you know will be honest.


We have 2 ears and 1 mouth, and this is the ratio we need to use them in. Listen with the intention to understand and not to respond. This requires practice and delivers so much to all parties concerned.

What can I do? Think about your listening. Think about a recent conversation. How much did you listen versus talk? What did you learn?


The quality of the team reflects the leadership. Having good, experienced people who listen and create leadership behaviour throughout business.

What can I do? Think about what learning and development is currently available to people. Do you provide support to upskill people? If not what can you do that people will enjoy and value?


We often sense when people say something, but their actions do not reflect the words. Subsequently, this can make or break the trust within a business

What can I do? Whatever you ask of others be prepared to do yourself. Be honest and truthful.

With all things its about starting small. Choose 1 area where you can experiment and try out some new ways of being

Do it consistently for a couple of weeks

Notice any reactions

Build on this process

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