employee engagement



So much is talked about the power of employee engagement. This is because it’s where businesses productivity comes from. It is also the actions that deliver you goals and objectives and the client/customer facing part of your company. This is where our employee engagement consultant helps, each action has a huge impact on the bottom line and all too often it is far removed from the strategy meetings and feedback from the clients and also customers.

The image shows some of the key areas to focus on getting this area to be most impactful is bespoke.

Genuinely caring for employees is the first place to start.

Your people are the link between your business and the customers and clients who pay for goods and services. Poor interconnectivity leads to poor productivity, poor customer loyalty and less than optimum profits. Furthermore, making profit provides the pay and structures that provide safety and reduces stress.

To ensure this interaction works most effectively there are 4 key areas of focus:
  1. Have clarity about what is the businesses focus. This needs to be 3-5 focus points that everyone on your business understands. I don’t mean had a vague idea about or repeats parrot fashion. I mean that when they are doing their job, they know how this connects with what the business wants to achieve and what their part in that means. Communicate this effectively.
  2. Understand the WIIFM. What are people getting personally from working for your business? We all have a WIIFM, getting this understood helps to have a shared approach to the outcomes
  3. Understand and focus on what culture you want for your business. Therefore, have clear processes, boundaries and consequences to behaving in a way that supports the culture and to not acting in a way that supports the culture
  4. Decide on the key action areas, resource with time, people, and also skills. This develops skills for the business as it grows and expands

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