Blame culture


A blame culture manifests when employees pass responsibility to others for their mistakes. Reinforcing blame culture is when there is a fear of accountability and trust is in short supply. Therefore, motives are questioned for all activity.

For instance, surfacing of mistakes leads to dismissal, shaming in front of peers, and cost of the mistake being taken from pay.

This causes a couple of big issues

  1. Improvements do not occur as the mistakes are often hidden or minimised so become invisible. How can you improve what you are unaware of?
  2. Customers and clients receive a less than optimum service, become price sensitive and may look for another supplier. Can you afford to loose valued customers and clients?
Here are some possible solutions:

Encourage and reward ownership of each job with responsibility and accountability. Start with managers as it can be easy to get into a habit of blaming others for mistakes and creating excuses to avoid certain tasks. Managers are employees first so having them onboard and spreading both the word and the desired behaviours is especially important.

Develop collaboration, creativity and support in areas that are a challenge for the business. What is the one thing that if you don not get it right, then nothing else matters? Use this as the start point. Do not try to set up too many projects. Start with one

Create a reward process that celebrates failure and the learning that is the output. The opportunity to learn from failures without fear can radically shift a workplace and improve happiness and productivity. Focusing on desired behaviours and actions will provide opportunities for measurable improvements

This culture within an organisation hurts productivity and quality of work. Creating an organisation that is resilient and blame free increases employee satisfaction, improves profits, and reduces staff turnover.

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