Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a brilliant week. Here’s some feel good stories to get your weekend off to a good start:

1. This house in Colombia is made from coffee waste! Innovative company woodpecker uses coffee husks to construct these little houses for as little as $4,500!

2. Hope for migraine sufferers as clinical trials show benefits of yoga & meditation. Research published by JAMA Internal Medicine found that mindfulness based stress reduction techniques improve: migraines, pain perception & emotional well-being.

3. Family dog found in icy Irish mountains after being lost for 2 weeks – Neesha, took off after being startled by a deer & despite the families best efforts (which included drones & leaving their unwashed laundry in the last place they seen her) they just could not find her. But Neesha was one lucky dog when a hiking couple braved the ice cold weather to reach the summit of one of Wicklows peaks. After spotting her & discovering she was too weak to even stand, the brave pair managed to carry her down to safety.