Happy Friday! Here’s our round up of this weeks feel good stories to get your weekend off to a good start:

1. An 11 year old boy has become a local hero in Staithes, North Yorkshire, after he jumped into the sea and rescued a toddler. Eli Harrison was out with his family when he spotted a baby clinging onto fishing nets. Eli’s parents are proud of their son saying ‘he’s a hero’, but Eli is modest, saying ‘I just did what anyone else would have done’.

2. Archaeology professor Cameron Smith has shown how you should never give up on your dreams. He spent 8 years making his own space suit with the goal of testing it at 63,000 feet. He had trialled it on a number of occasions & has managed to make it to 5,000 feet so far. This is quite a way off his goal but one thing is for sure, he won’t be giving up any time soon!

3. UNSW conservations have come up with a novel way of protecting cattle in Botswana as African lions are on the prowl there. But, in a piece of ‘psychological trickery’ researchers have trialled painting eyes on the cows bums! The idea is that lions will be tricked into thinking they’ve been spotted and will back off. If it works, it could be life-changing for local farmers.