Happy Friday! Here’s some happy news to start your weekend with a smile:

1. Man saves elk buried by an avalanche with just its nostril & eye peeking out – Jesse Dahlberg noticed the elk in the path of a controlled avalanche in Field, British Columbia & watched as it was engulfed in snow. He drove over to help & luckily found it half peering out, but stuck under the weight of the snow. Dahlberg & a friend used their hands & a shovel, & 15 minutes later had freed it. The elk stayed around instead of fleeing, almost as if it was saying a thank you.

2. Lawyer’s Zoom court appearance doesn’t go to plan when he can’t remove a cat filter. Rod Pontoon couldn’t figure out how to change the filter during a Texas court hearing & had to tell judge ‘I’m not a cat’!

3. Wombats hailed as heroes as they reveal water well with their digging, during a drought in New South Wales. The creatures invaded a beef farm in Hunter Valley, which hasn’t seen much water in years. The wombats relentless tunnelling created a huge crater, which dried up during the drought, which led them to more digging to find a water source. The locals have called the waterhole the ‘Wombat Soak’.