Happy Friday all! Here are this week’s feel good news stories to get your weekend started:

1. Investors beat Wall Street by buying GameStop shares & donate profit to charity – Reddit users bought up shares of the failing retail company GameStop by using a nontraditional disruptive trading tactic. GameStop’s stock price went through the roof—from $43 to $325 in one week—leaving the Reddit band of Merry Men with a sizable profit. One of which was Chamath Palihapitiya who earned $500,000 and donated it all!

2. 4 year old girl finds dinosaur footprint at the beach from 215 million years ago. Lily Wilder was walking with her father at Bendricks Bay in Wales when she spotted the indent in the rocks. Experts have examined it & the species is one that has not been seen before! It is now on show at the National Museum in Cardiff.

3. Loyal dog Bonuck follows owners ambulance to hospital in Turkey & waits outside- each night someone collected the dog and took her home, but she returned each morning & waited. After 6 days owner Cemal Senturk was discharged & the best pals were reunited.