Happy Friday! Here’s our round-up of this week’s good news stories:

1. Kismet, a 13-year-old rescue chihuahua heads to Madera Family Dentist in California each day to give patients something to smile about. Toothless Kismet is available for snuggles during teeth cleaning, fillings & root canals. The owners say that about 98% of patients choose to cuddle the therapy dog & studies have shown that people who pet animals have lower blood pressure. Kids in particular love her & she loves nothing more than helping them cope.

2. A father, his daughter & their dog have all been rescued after they went missing hiking. They were found in Mount Hood ravine, Oregon. 37-year-old Peter Munro got injured & was stuck for more than 48 hours. A team of rescuers were dispatched when his wife rang 911 & he was rescued by Air National Guard. Daughter & dog are doing well while dad recovers.

3. Real life Willy Wonka David Klein has decided to retire in style by giving away golden tickets in Jelly Beans. The tickets are hidden in necklaces & have been placed all around America. Anyone who joins in the treasure hunt can win the keys to one of his factories.