Happy Friday! Here’s this weeks round-up of feel good news to start your weekend off:

1. Newborn calf & border-collie become best friends as they cuddle in freezing temperatures. Bonnie Potoroka went to check up on her pregnant heifer to find it had arrived early and was in danger from the elements. ‘A calf is born wet & it was just too cold, her ears were already starting to freeze’ Potoroka said. So she took her to the heated shop were she also got a warm reception from family pet Mickey. And now the pair are inseparable!

2. Man makes amazing origami art folding sheets of paper for months at a time! 23-year-old Finnish artist Juho Könkkölä makes paper characters inspired from history, folk tales, books, movies, mythologies & more.

3. Pollution in the Mississippi River has plummeted since the 1980s. A recent study has found that the effects of the Clean Water Act have been nothing short of amazing! The bacteria found is 1% of what is was before the 1980s!