Happy Friday everyone! Here’s this weeks round up of good news stories to start your weekend with a smile:

1. Mexico City joins China in banning all single use plastic in 2021. The capital has a population of 9 million & produces, on average, 13 tonnes of rubbish a day. This means the ban will have a huge impact on the use of plastics. Mexico’s environmental secretary hopes it won’t be long before other places follow suit.

2. Alfred Guerra is 94 years old. The decorated World War II veteran, who was awarded both the Bronze Star and a Purple Heart for acts of bravery, recently found himself in times of need. He was unable to maintain upkeep on the home he shared with his late wife, so his San Antonio community stepped up. A number of non-profit organisations for veterans got to work & it is now almost ready to move into, despite a number of set-backs.

3. California sees rebound in marine life after a ban on indiscriminate ‘gill nets’. Creatures like sharks, seabirds & even the shy porpoise have seen their populations increase significantly in response to the ban.