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The power of priming

Priming equips us to notice certain things, feel certain things and act in certain ways. The first step is to have a positive frame of mind.

The power of priming2021-03-29T11:40:43+01:00

Did you know?

Stanley Milgram conducted a famous and shocking psychology experiment in 1963 which showed how good people can do bad things.

Did you know?2021-03-29T11:41:02+01:00

Conformity vs obedience

Conformity vs obedience – On the surface they appear similar, when you examine them they actually have different psychological explanations.

Conformity vs obedience2021-03-29T11:41:23+01:00

What is the impact of being a good listener?

Listening is an often overlooked skill that can be taught. We all can all be good listeners and here are 5 important reasons to develop these skills.

What is the impact of being a good listener?2021-03-29T11:43:49+01:00

What impact does culture have on a business and workplace?

The power of culture is what separates progressive workplaces from those riddled with despair and makes some businesses bold instead of boring. Organisational culture is not a separate entity of a business.

What impact does culture have on a business and workplace?2021-03-29T11:44:21+01:00
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